Today we place high demands on a good working environment.

In many public places, we are surrounded by noise.

It can be in locations such as school canteens, offices and other places.


We can see that several studies shows that noise affects us negatively in the form of stress.

Several solutions in interior design reduces noise levels.

Quietboard is one of them.


Quietboard dampens the sounds when we mechanically hit the surface.

It does not emit the same resonance as a traditional board.

Because of its unique structure, we can also achieve many other advantages.

As we mentioned, reduced noise level and light weight.


Quietboard of laminate design meets the requirements for Möbelfakta


Can be coated with all standard surface materials.

Laminates and veneers.

Edging: ABS, PP, Wood





Quietboard is manufactured by several layers of material choosen by enviromental perspective.


- Fibris Board

- MDF Medite FSC Mix 70%

- Amorim Cork FSC®


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